Tips for Making it Through Christmas – Healthily!

Tips for Making it Through Christmas – Healthily!Christmas sure is a time for indulgence. Even if you’re trying your best not to be over extravagant, there’s still plenty of treats and trinkets to tempt us throughout December. It seems that everywhere we look, there’s gifts, decorations, food and drink for us to fill our trollies with.In terms of food, who are we to say don’t have chocolate for breakfast and snowballs for dinner? We’re all for a bit of letting our hair down! Especially at the end of the year. But extra food and wine, mixed with late nights can mean stomach upsets and indigestion. Couple this with the high possibility of winter bugs and lots of people all crammed into one house over the festive season, and you could have a recipe for a very unwell festive period indeed!Here’s our top tips on staying fit and well over Christmas.Take EchinaceaEchinacea is a herbal supplement that has been used for centuries to help support the immune system and relieve the symptoms of colds and flus. Have a packet on standby, and give everyone a dose each morning to help prevent uninvited winter bugs turning up to your Christmas.Hawthorn supplementsare also good for immunity as they’re packed with antioxidant vitamin C. They also have the added bonus of supporting the digestive system too. Handy at Christmas!If you want to keep it simple, take a daily vitamin C supplement, to help support your immune system. Vitamin Dis also important during the darker months. The body creates vitamin D from sunlight and a deficiency (common during autumn and winter) can lead to weak teeth and bones, and can even contribute to the winter blues.Cook that Turkey Thoroughly Quite possibly the worst food-related disaster that could happen is giving everyone food poisoning from undercooked meat. Always follow the cooking/defrosting instructions on the packet, and invest in a meat thermometer so that you know your joint is cooked all the way through.The best way to enjoy leftover meat is to eat it cold – a Boxing Day spread of cold meats and pickles is a firm favourite of many of us. If you’d prefer to reheat your meat, in a pie for example, make sure it’s piping hot (so that any liquid inside the pie is bubbling) before serving.Try Natural Digestive Aids If all that excess has left you feeling bloated, gassy and uncomfortable, then a natural digestive aid can help. Medicinal charcoalcan help relieve stomach problems by helping to relieve gas and removing toxins.Get Some Fresh AirNothing allows bugs and nasties to breed more than all being cooped up in one house, with all the doors and windows sealed shut.Encourage everyone to get up and out every single day, no matter what the weather looks like! Wrap up warm and walk off that dinner (or that breakfast of chocolate).Have Fun, and Be Merry!Christmas is a time for giving, so don’t forget yourself. Even if you’re working or cooking the Christmas dinner, hopefully you’ll find time to rest, relax and enjoy the festivities.Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas, from all of us here at Your Healthy Life Shop!

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