5 Reasons Why We Should Buy Organic

Here at Your Healthy Life Shop, we champion a kinder lifestyle. We believe in a slower, more gentle way of living, with fewer, higher quality household products, foods and things. One way of achieving this is to swap a few of our common purchases from non-organic to organic.

So we thought we’d share with you our favourite reasons for why we like to buy organic.

  1. It’s Kinder to the Environment…

Organic products are made using more eco-conscious materials and ingredients. For example, organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the routine use of pesticides and herbicides. Organically reared animals are not routinely fed antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

The overuse of chemicals in non-organic farming and agriculture contributes to toxic air, toxic ‘run off’ (slurry and faeces from farms being washed into waterways) and the impending antibiotic apocalypse.

  1. …And Kinder to Humans

“The world’s most common weed killer, Roundup, probably causes cancer.”

That’s according to the World Health Organisation. The active ingredient in this weed killer, glyphosate, was recently found in 95.5% of (43 out of 45) cereals and cereal bars tested in independent tests carried out by the respected Environmental Working Group.

The oats used to make these products had been sprayed with weed killer during their growing season. The fact that this common weed killer “probably” causes cancer is alarming for both the farmers having to use it and all of us that eat regular, every day products such as cereal.

These first two reasons aren’t intended to scaremonger or guilt trip. We just find them shocking and upsetting, and make us strive to make more mindful choices when we shop.

  1. Organic Products Leave Less Trace

You don’t need to go completely organic overnight or at all. Just choosing organic porridge oats over boxed breakfast cereals or an organic brand of shampoo over cheaper, chemical laden non-organic brands can make a difference.

Each buying decision you make, has consequences somewhere else in the world. Either to the people who made it or to the planet. You can make your buying decisions more impactful in the right way by choosing organic where you can.

  1. Refilling is Fun!

Fill up, single use packaging free, at our refill stations – we’ve got plenty of organic products to tempt you with.

From nuts, seeds, flour and oats to washing up liquid, household cleaners, liquid soap and shampoo, we have it all. Bring along your reusable containers, fill up and pay for what you need. You might even make some likeminded, local, new friends as you fill!

  1. You know What You’re Getting

Organic brands and producers are proud to be organic, so they’ll always let you know. Their packaging will be clear and organic products, whether soup or soap, tend to contain far fewer ingredients than non-organic versions.

Plus, if you read the packaging, there’s more chance you’ll spot ingredients that you know and understand, rather than needing a chemistry degree to decipher them.

We’re holding our Wake Up to Organic Breakfast event on 12th June from 8.30am to 10am. We’ll be handing out mini organic breakfasts to tempt your taste buds – see you there!

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