Adding a Touch of the Organic to Your Bathroom

If, like us, you’re fully engaged in the organic movement, you’re probably taking steps to introduce more organic food into your diet. You might have an organic weekly veg box delivery, choose organic milk or go for slightly less meat each week in favour of spending a little more on organically reared produce.


But what about your toiletries? The creams, lotions and potions we put on our skin daily could potentially contain nasty chemical ingredients that could be irritating our skin instead of doing whatever the packaging promises it will do.


In fact, take a look at some of your toiletries now. (Promise you’ll come back though…) Read the back of your toothpaste tube, moisturiser or shower gel. Do you feel like you should be in a chemistry lab? Sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, ethyl alcohol, phthalates. They’re all common ingredients in our skincare products, yet they don’t sound very friendly.


Organic September 2019


September conjures up feelings of falling leaves, fresh mornings and wearing tights. But September is also about being organic. The Soil Association urges us all to get involved with Organic September 2019.


The association say, “buying organic is the first step in a bigger movement towards sustainable living”. And we couldn’t agree more! We also think it goes past food and extends to our toiletries.


The ingredients used in organic toiletries cannot be grown using artificial pesticides. Organic toiletries also tend to contain more natural ingredients, making them kinder to you and kinder to the environment.


Going Organic with Your Toiletries!


If you’re looking for some organic toiletries to treat your bathroom with, here’s some of our favourites that we stock here at Your Healthy Life Shop.


First up, our teeth. Organic toothpaste tends to be free from fluoride. The jury is still out on whether we actually need fluoride or not. For as many studies that say fluoride causes skin irritation and mouth ulcers, there’s as many who say it’s perfectly safe. If you’re looking for an organic toothpaste that contains fluoride, this one from Urtekram will tick all your minty fresh boxes!


Making one small switch to organic soap can be a relatively cost effective way of making a difference. There are many organic soaps, both liquid and bar soap, on our website. Look out for the Dr Bronner range, their castile soaps double up as everything from shampoo to floor cleaner!


If you’re looking for an organic face cream, you’re in luck as we have a gorgeous range from the likes of Green People and Bentley Organic.


Our bodies shouldn’t miss out on the organic goodness either, so we’ve added a range of organic products to our body lotions, creams and gels.


Not one to be sniffed at, what we put under our arms can also be organic and natural. Our organic deodorant range will leave you dry and smelling fresh, without nasty chemicals such as aluminium ruining the day.


If you’re inspired to add organic to your bathroom regime (we hope you are), have browse or our entire organic personal care range and let us know what you think!

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