Great Great Granny’s Christmas Pudding – Stir Up Sunday 24th November

Stir-up Sunday (one week before the first Sunday in Advent) is traditionally the time to make your puddings.  This year that falls on 24th November.  Great Great Granny’s Christmas Pudding (with 21st Century amendments) This recipe is based on one that has been handed down through Peter Vaughan’s family for generations.  He has adapted it to suit as many 21st century special dietary requirements as possible.  It is:  gluten free; dairy […]

How One Small Eco Step is a Giant Leap for Sustainability

Being environmentally friendly has gathered pace over the past few decades and is now a case of what you do rather than if you do. In very recent years, the green movement has taken off like never before, with even the language changing. We’ve gone from using the term ‘global warming’ to the more accurate […]

We Are Hiring – Part-time Retail Assistant

Job Description This is a unique position to become a member of our friendly team at The Healthy Life in Devizes. The position of retail sales assistant and ambassador allows the participant to be involved in a number of aspects of the business. It is predominantly a sales and educational position. It is imperative that […]

Peter Vaughan’s Christmas Cake – buy only what you need from our Zero Waste Section.

      Christmas Cake As you may well know Peter Vaughan & Judy Dain used to own the Healthy Life in Devizes. Now they have a thriving cookery school and an events business. We were discussing our zero-waste shopping experience and I asked them if I could have their famous Christmas Cake recipe. If […]

Giveaway – Your chance to win a Dutch CBD oil spray!

The Healthy Life Company are very excited to offer you the chance to win a bottle of Dutch CBD oil spray. CBD is a popular natural remedy for many common ailments and several health benefits are backed by scientific evidence. .HOW TO ENTER: Follow @thehealthylifeco on Instagram Like this post and comment whether you have […]


Have you seen the new Bamboo socks that have arrived? Well this is a recipe from Emma @ Thought and we thought (excuse the pun) that it looked rather delicious and what’s also rather fabulous is; all the ingredients (except the veg) are available in store or online…Marvellous Serves 4 (generously) INGREDIENTS 300g mushrooms 3 […]

Our Surprising Reliance on the World’s Rainforests

  With the recent shocking headlines about large pockets of the Amazon rainforest on fire and the focus on the plight of orangutangs and other endangered species and communities due to rainforest clearance for palm oil plantations, the world’s rainforests are in the psyche of many of us. There’s little doubt that they’re in danger, […]