The Top 10 Wellness Products Every Household Should Own

Taking control of our own personal health and wellness is higher on our agendas now than ever before. We know that to stay healthier for longer, we need to eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, avoid stress and get enough sleep. Now, there’s plenty of products designed to help. Here’s our round up of […]

The Top Ways You Can Beat Hayfever Naturally this Summer!

Sneezes. Runny noses. Watery eyes. Scratchy throats. Itchy everything. Sneezes and more sneezes. If the summer weather, long grass and trees turning ever more luscious and green fills you with dread each year, you’re not alone. Around 1 in 5 Brits suffer with hayfever. Some are lucky enough to only suffer during certain parts of […]

Food Allergies and the Gut – Could They Be Linked?

Allergies to food, pollen, dust mites and a whole host of other things, feel so commonplace now that they’re almost trendy. But far from being a fad, food allergies are serious conditions where sufferers can experience sudden, life threatening symptoms. Peanut and shellfish allergies are amongst the most well-known food allergies, but food-wise, it’s possible […]