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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy this Spring

As we emerge from the cocoon of winter coats, thick socks and woolly hats, we usually breath a sigh of relief. The days are longer, the weather is (supposedly) warmer and summer is that bit closer. But often, it takes a bit more than lighter mornings to feel energised after a long, cold winter. Here’s […]

Refill Your Own Containers to Your Heart’s Content this Waste Free February!

It’s hard to escape the harsh reality of the problem of plastic waste. Whether we choose to ignore the matter or not, it’s there in plain sight for us all to see. We only need to walk along a beach to see washed up plastic containers and bottles, or wander through the countryside to see […]

Tips for Making it Through Christmas – Healthily!

Tips for Making it Through Christmas – Healthily! Christmas sure is a time for indulgence. Even if you’re trying your best not to be over extravagant, there’s still plenty of treats and trinkets to tempt us throughout December. It seems that everywhere we look, there’s gifts, decorations, food and drink for us to fill our […]

The Benefits of Slowing Down and Eating Mindfully

by Hannah de Gruchy Modern life. It can feel pretty hectic, can’t it? We run from one task to the next, be that work, childcare, having a social life, fitting in the gym or eating. In today’s modern world, we’re never more than a click away from the office, our friends or hours of entertainment. […]

Are These Shocking Ingredients in Your Fast Foods?

Most of us are aware that fast food and takeaways are hardly the healthiest of foods. We know all about the now well-published facts concerning the health risks associated with saturated fats and refined carbohydrates. Many of us also recoil in the knowledge that fast foods commonly contain artificial colours, flavour enhancers such as MSG […]