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Covid vitamins – can you take too many vitamins?

How are you? How are you really? January and the new year are often a time when we feel a bit blue, after all the excitement and excess indulgence of Christmas. But for 2021, this January has a lot for us all to digest, and we don’t just mean the leftover chocolates. The first day […]

Looking after your mental wellbeing with supplements

  It’s been a month since I’ve written to you via Hannah’s Healthy Life Blogs – it’s been a funny old time, hasn’t it? Never before has the world experienced so much of the same grief, upset and trauma at the same time. Whilst the coronavirus has meant so many changes to all of our […]

Struggling with your weight? Supplements could be your answer!

Struggling with your weight? Supplements could be your answer! Weight management is very much a personal, and subjective subject. Over the decades, what constitutes a healthy, or even an ‘attractive’ weight has fluctuated as much as our weight has. In the days of Marylin Monroe, hips and curves were in, and they were soon swept […]

Supplements to provide super support to your immune system!

As the world slowly emerges from the coronavirus pandemic related lockdown measures and we all take our first tentative steps into the word outside our back gardens, blinking in the sunlight, it’s easy to wonder if we’ll ever live the same lives again.   Wearing face masks on public transport, queuing to visit our favourite […]

Supplements to Keep the Whole Family Well Looked After this Winter

  Brrr, hands up who’s cold?! I certainly am, and although we’ve seen Storm Ciara come and go and the daffodils are making an early appearance, we’re not out of the winter woods yet. In fact, it’s this time of year when the temperatures can really take a tumble with snow storms hitting the country […]

Are you getting enough nutrients on your new vegan diet?

  Happy 2020! Now that the decorations are down, the last of the Christmas treats have been finished off and you’ve survived your first full week back to work or school, how’s your January going? If you’re giving up all animal products and doing Veganuary for the month, by now hopefully you’re in the swing […]

Our Climate in Hot Water: How your cuppa can support positive change

It’s turning chilly and whilst you warm your hands on your coffee cup it’s worth contemplating how your choice of coffee brand can have a profound impact on the climate. We want to shout about Source Climate Change Coffee who are both coffee connoisseurs and conservation champions. Their mission is to bring us the finest tasting […]

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy this Spring

As we emerge from the cocoon of winter coats, thick socks and woolly hats, we usually breath a sigh of relief. The days are longer, the weather is (supposedly) warmer and summer is that bit closer. But often, it takes a bit more than lighter mornings to feel energised after a long, cold winter. Here’s […]

Refill Your Own Containers to Your Heart’s Content this Waste Free February!

It’s hard to escape the harsh reality of the problem of plastic waste. Whether we choose to ignore the matter or not, it’s there in plain sight for us all to see. We only need to walk along a beach to see washed up plastic containers and bottles, or wander through the countryside to see […]