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It’s Elderflower Time…..

Elderflower Cordial Ingredients: 2½ kg white sugar, either granulated or caster 2 unwaxed lemons 20 fresh elderflower heads, stalks trimmed 85g citric acid  Method: Put the sugar and 1.5 litres/2¾ pints water into the largest saucepan you have. Gently heat, without boiling, until the sugar has dissolved. Give it a stir every now and again. Pare the […]

Great Great Granny’s Christmas Pudding – Stir Up Sunday 24th November

Stir-up Sunday (one week before the first Sunday in Advent) is traditionally the time to make your puddings.  This year that falls on 24th November.  Great Great Granny’s Christmas Pudding (with 21st Century amendments) This recipe is based on one that has been handed down through Peter Vaughan’s family for generations.  He has adapted it to suit as many 21st century special dietary requirements as possible.  It is:  gluten free; dairy […]

Peter Vaughan’s Christmas Cake – buy only what you need from our Zero Waste Section.

      Christmas Cake As you may well know Peter Vaughan & Judy Dain used to own the Healthy Life in Devizes. Now they have a thriving cookery school and an events business. We were discussing our zero-waste shopping experience and I asked them if I could have their famous Christmas Cake recipe. If […]


Have you seen the new Bamboo socks that have arrived? Well this is a recipe from Emma @ Thought and we thought (excuse the pun) that it looked rather delicious and what’s also rather fabulous is; all the ingredients (except the veg) are available in store or online…Marvellous Serves 4 (generously) INGREDIENTS 300g mushrooms 3 […]

Healthy Fruit Cake Muffins

1/2 cup pitted dates 1/4 cup pitted prunes 1/8 cup raisins /sultanas /currants 1/2 cup of orange juice (alternatively substitute for strong black tea to make tea bread) 1/2 cup of applesauce 1/4 cup dried apricots 2 chia eggs* 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 3/4 cup wholemeal self-raising flour (gluten-free if required) (If using protein powder, […]

Broccoli Crunch Snack Bites with Flavour Variations

One of my past co-workers first introduced me to the idea of coating broccoli in a blended mixture of nuts, spices, and liquid—similar to that used to coat raw kale chips—before dehydrating it into a bunch of crunchy, flavour-rich, super fun nibbles. While dehydrating these bites gives them a perfectly crisp and crunchy texture, baking […]