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New Supplier Aeithalis Greek Virgin Olive Oil on tap

We are William Uden and Ilias Panagiotakopoulos and we are Aeithalis. Aeithalis is the Greek word for evergreen. A name that drew its inspiration from the evergreen olive tree so beloved in the Mediterranean and beyond. Our story began in 2017. After the sad passing of Ilias’ father John, William (a Welsh puppeteer, living in […]

New Stockist Lacock Dairy Icecream….

Three friends + one dairy herd + a love of gelato ice cream. We use the creamy sweet milk that the Selves Farm dairy herd produces and the gelato is produced on the farm. The farm is situated in Lacock, a lovely village in Wiltshire which has a unique history and a beautiful Abbey. It’s a great place to […]

Introducing our Hero Supplier “BetterYou” – Using Ocean Plastic

The Better Planet Project The Better Planet Project is an environmental project that focuses on targeting all aspects of our environmental footprint, including the initiatives of our suppliers, growers and retail partners. This includes the avoidance of pesticides and harmful chemicals on our partner farms as well as ensuring environmentally sensitive transport and packaging. Improving […]