Certificate of Sustainability

The Healthy Life in Devizes has been awarded a Certificate of Sustainability under the international Greenleaf Eco Standard.

Over the last 3 years our focus has been to methodically work in the background to make lasting and important environmental changes so that as a business and as a business leader we can help our customers, our business community and our wider community of Devizes make easy and practical steps to head towards carbon neutral.

Carbon neutral is not something one should pay others to offset. We need to all make small changes.

Our first change for our customers is that we have added 'Country of Origin' to the website. This allows you the consumer to choose where your products come from. The information can be found in additional information on each product page.

The impact assessment isn’t as invasive or time-consuming as it sounds.
For SMEs the assessment involves a couple of meetings plus information processing and reports.

Although only about a quarter of businesses gain full certification first time out, the assessments come with full environmental impact reports, a roadmap to carbon zero and full list of recommendations to become fully certified within 24 months.
The Healthy Life has achieved Certification first time round.

Justina has organised a discount code for a Green Leaf audit for like-minded businesses that want part of a trusted, vetted platform of eco-friendly organisations.

In our area we have the wonderful Hayley from @packaging_not_included and also one of our suppliers @greenpioneerltd who are working with Greenleaf to take their businesses Carbon Neutral.

For further information info@greenleaf-tdg.com
Include the code: GoGreen22

Environmental Report

The Healthy Life Co | November 21


Nov 21 3.86 tCO2e per year

  • –  Start saving in Green Investment/Offsetting (GIO) fund
  • –  Switch to eco-hosting
  • –  Review product listings with a view to adjusting pricing and temporarily removing unjustified international listings
  • –  Obtain valid EPC for the property
  • –  Adjust shop listing for maximum transparency and assistance to shoppers. Sep 22 2.20 tCO2e/year
    Scope 3 net zero achieved
  • –  Upgrade to zero emission / hybrid vehicle
  • –  Release second impact report to support refill model
  • –  Expand offering refill service and discount
  • –  Streamline supply frequency
  • –  Carry out initial building works to improve store efficiency
  • –  Introduce carpooling incentive
  • –  Use portion of GIO fund to offset remaining emissions Sep 23 1.01 tCO2e/year Net zero achieved
  • –  Upgrade to all electric vehicle
  • –  Second wave of building works to complete store efficiency renovations
  • –  Begin backdating offsetting
  • –  Ensure supply chain are early adaptors to zero emission ships in readiness to reintroduce international products Sep 25 0.01 tCO2e/year
    Gross zero and all-time net zero achieved GREENLEAF TDG
    All evaluators are IEMA, IRCA and CQI certified
    NORTH: The HEART Centre, Bennett Rd, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3HN SOUTH: Wanstone Court, St Margarets-At-Cliffe, Dover, CT15 6HT 0330 133 2900 | info@greenleaf-tdg.com

For further information info@greenleaf-tdg.com
Include the code: GoGreen22

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