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As you may know last year The Healthy Life sponsored a duck and ran a competition to name the duck. Ziggy had already been chosen for the boy and we ended up choosing Zaggy for the girl.(Zag for short) So here’s the thing; they liked to fly, they used to do circuits over the field, and then round the village, and then come home for tea. Until one day, they didn’t. Ducks can be very fickle, and they do tend to take off and make new friends. So that’s that! Time for a duck rethink.

We asked Jackie from Chestnuts Farm to give us a bit of an update on the farm and this years box scheme.

“Boxes will vary seasonally, so that in early season, you might find salad leaves, spring onions, spinach, and later on in the year, green beans, courgettes, cabbages, moving on to winter squash and kale. We aim to average six items, but early and late season might be ‘lighter’ boxes, with mid-Season being ‘abundant.’ That’s the point of CSA, to some extent – support the grower, and share the risks and rewards. We sometimes supplement the boxes with items purchased from other organic growers – especially for example potatoes, which we don’t grow ourselves.

What day they can collect their box/ have it delivered

Delivery/Collection day is Thursday. We do ask if at all possible that people collect from The Healthy Life, The Little Eco Shop, or the farm, but if accessibility is an issue, we are happy to deliver free within SN10. If you are outside the postcode area, we can deliver for a charge.

How the scheme works and how much (£10 / box with a commitment of 30 week?)

Our season is 32 weeks long, beginning on 13th May. We have one size of box at £10 per week. On our website www.chestnutsfarm.com, you can book your place for £25, and then if you choose, you can pay for the full season.

The other option is to set up a standing order for £40 per month. The months average out. Mostly they are four weeks, a couple are three weeks, a couple are five weeks. It’s easiest for us all if you pay £40 a month! For the full season, this needs to be set up at the end of April, ready for May. Once you book your slot, we will contact you to arrange this.

If paying a booking fee, or paying monthly in advance, might stop you from joining because of your financial situation, please contact us and we will try to find a work around. We want everyone to be able to take part.

For this reason, we do ask everyone who is able to do so, to pay either the full season up front, or with a standing order on the last Monday of each month, so that we can spend time creating solutions for others.

Who is Chestnut Farm?

‘Chestnuts Farm CSA CIC is a community supported agriculture project, which is part of a tenanted non -residential smallholding in Bishops Cannings. Incorporated as a Community Interest Company, and in the process of conversion to organic, the aims are:

• LOCALLY GROWN, NUTRIENT DENSE, ORGANIC FOOD FOR EVERYONE IN OUR COMMUNITY. We want to figure out a way to make fresh organic food affordable to the whole community, without underselling or undervaluing it, engaging people in the process of local food resilience. (We want this to include harder to reach groups, minorities, and people who would normally feel excluded from this kind of offer.)

• EDUCATION AND INFORMATION. We also want to create opportunities to learn about permaculture and regenerative agroecology, run courses for adults and engage with schools to involve children, and to create a job, or jobs, for someone locally who really wants to be part of something meaningful.

• SELF SUPPORTING, SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Thirdly, and really importantly, we want to be sure to create a business that pays its way, pays the grower(s) a decent living, and subsequently, when the time is right, can be passed onto someone else to earn a proper living.

To get in touch with Chestnuts farm email:
or visit https://www.chestnutsfarm.com

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