Don’t Be Blue, This Blue Monday!

The third Monday of January (which this year falls on 21st January) has been awarded the somewhat depressing title of Blue Monday. Whilst the song with the same name by New Order is an excellent one (in my honest opinion), Blue Monday 2019 is said to be one of the gloomiest days of the year.
Caused by a combination of post-Christmas blues, failed self imposed new year resolutions, long, cold, dark nights, cold and flu bugs and the imminent arrival of unpaid credit card bills after the December spending spree, Blue Monday is a miserable one indeed.
If you have an impending sense of gloom as Blue Monday signals the start of a new working week, here’s our tips on brightening up your day.

Getting Outside

If rushing through the daily commute is the only time you get to spend outside during the week, aim to get outside for a long walk at the weekend. It’ll help clear your mind and is the perfect prep for banishing the Blue Monday blues.
Wrap up warm, take a flask of hot tea or soup, and walk. Take in your surroundings, pause and bend down to look at what’s underneath your feet and look upwards to see what’s above your head. You might be surprised how much of your local area you’ve been missing out on!

Making Immune Health Your Priority

Nothing makes a blue day even more blue, than having a cough, cold or flu bug. Whilst we can never completely defend ourselves from winter bugs, we can do all we can to make our defences stronger.
Simple steps can put us in the greatest stead – this means drinking plenty of water (herbal teas count, and will keep you warm!), getting enough sleep and avoiding stress as much as possible.
Easier said than done, I hear you cry. If your lifestyle means that you’re surviving on less than six hours sleep every day and stress is your unwanted permanent companion, then your immune system might benefit from a little extra help…

Topping Up With Vitamin Supplements

During the winter months, especially if you’re over tired and stressed, vitamin C is your best friend. This antioxidant vitamin helps support a healthy immune system which means you’re better able to fight off bugs. So that’s one thing to take off the Blue Monday list!
We also have a selection of other immune-supporting supplements including echinacea tinctures and elderberry syrups, which can also help protect you against coughs and colds.

Being Mindful
This doesn’t just mean practicing mindfulness meditation (although if you can, I highly recommend it). It can mean doing something that makes you stop, pause and think about the moment you’re in.
That could be a yoga class, putting out the recycling knowing that you’re doing a good deed, eating mindfully or being intentionally kind to yourself by repeating a positive mantra. The latter doesn’t have to feel too ‘hippy’ either, just a simple “I am enough” 12 times every day will do.
Being mindful will force you to take a breather, which can help reduce stress levels significantly.

When Light Blue Becomes Dark Blue

Most of us feel the blues every now and again, especially when it’s dark and cold outside and there’s nothing to look forward to until spring. Getting outside, taking some deep breaths, being more mindful and looking after your health will all help blow away the January cobwebs.
But if you find that your blues are more than that, be kind to yourself and have a chat with your GP. Mental health and wellbeing no longer has the social stigma it once did, and its perfectly ok to talk to someone about not feeling ok.
Wishing you light and love x

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