Ecover, Bio-D, Greenscents & Sesi – we are changing…

We have sold Ecover products for many years, as they are Vegan and offer refill stations. However as we continue to look at suppliers and in particular at the way we can reduce plastic and waste in our store we keep coming up against issues with Ecover.
The product is packaged in a cardboard box which has a plastic liner that contains the product. There is no solution for this plastic bag.
They have also been sold to Johnson & Johnson and whilst Ecover is not tested on animals Johnson & Johnson still do.
Johnson and Johnson has recently been involved in the Opioid scandal in the States.

Over the last 18 months we have been talking to and investigating other supplier that match the certain criteria we have as a store.

The product must not be tested on animals (Vegan)
A cycle economy (Not just one use for the containers)
Fairly priced
Proper due diligence and standards in place.
A company that can have the most impact on the environment.

We looked at 3 companies: Bio-D, Greenscents and Sesi

Firstly Greenscents number one on the ethical consumer guide. We were heading towards this company as it is local and they take back the refill containers. However as they are concentrate they ‘appear’ expensive and we felt at this time was not the right product for our store in Devizes at this time.

Then about a year ago we looked at SESI, another fairly local ‘charity’ -good prices and they do re-use their refill containers.
However, as a charity they are not obliged to work towards the same Health & Safety standards that ‘companies’ are obliged to. Their products are made by a third party, so it’s not easy to follow the supply chain.

Currently they are not rated on the ethical consumer guide. We love that they refill their containers but we cannot be sure about the build up of bacteria in the containers over time.
As a micro-charity their work should be applauded.

As a store looking at the larger picture we wanted to try and support a British business that can have a greater impact.

Bio-D ticks all the boxes.
They are third on the ethical consumer guide. (1% below Greenscents)
Impeccable Health & Safety Standard.
Not tested on Animals
The products are Hypoallergenic
Good Prices (less than Ecover)
100% made in their own factory
All products sustainably and ethically sourced.
Containers can be collected and returned for re-use.
The products are delivered on our daily van collection so no further transport is required
They are working with the Ellen MacArthur charity towards a circular economy.

When a larger British company makes these changes, the impact on the environment is significant and should be supported.
You will see Ecover refills being replaced with Bio-D, Ecos and Faith In Nature. 3rd/4th and 5th on the Ethical Consumer guide.

I hope you are happy with our decision, our due diligence and choice.

See you soon,

Justina xxx

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