Great Great Granny’s Christmas Pudding – Stir Up Sunday 24th November

Stir-up Sunday (one week before the first Sunday in Advent) is traditionally the time to make your puddings.  This year that falls on 24th November. 

Great Great Granny’s Christmas Pudding (with 21st Century amendments) This recipe is based on one that has been handed down through Peter Vaughan’s family for generations.  He has adapted it to suit as many 21st century special dietary requirements as possible.  It is:  gluten free; dairy free; vegetarian, vegan and has no added sugar 

Most of the ingredients can be purchased via our refill system in Devizes or on our website


375g vegetable suet 

160g plain flour or Doves Farm gluten free plain flour 

375g breadcrumbs or gluten free breadcrumbs 

250g grated apple 

1 large carrot finely grated 

1.5kg mixed dried fruit 

1 x orange 

1 x lemon 

350mls apple concentrate 

1 teaspoon ginger 

2 teaspoon nutmeg 


  1. In a bowl put dried fruit, grated apple, grated carrot, grated zest from lemon and orange plus fruit concentrate and the juice from lemon and orange.  Leave overnight if possible. 
  1. Mix in suet, flour, ginger, nutmeg and breadcrumbs.  Stir well and make a wish! 
  1. Grease a large pudding basin or a number of smaller ones.  Put in pudding mixture and press down very firmly to within about 3mm of the rim.  Cover bowl with greaseproof paper and tie with string. 
  1. To cook 
  • put in slow cooker making sure that water comes halfway up the side of the basin.  Cook on low overnight.  OR 
  • Put in a large roasting tin with water halfway up the side of the basin and leave on 80C or lowest gas setting overnight. 
  1. As this pudding does not have any alcohol in, store it in the fridge for up to 6 weeks. Of course you can add alcohol if you wish – just replace some of the apple concentrate with brandy. 
  1. To reheat, best steamed in a saucepan with the lid on for about one hour.  It is possible to reheat in a microwave but it does dry the puddings out. 


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