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Before we decided to go vegan, it felt daunting knowing where on earth we should start! But we knew that giving up dairy was probably the first hurdle we had to overcome. Fast forward to today and we love the variety of plant-based milks now available in supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. This is why we were really excited when Plant Based News asked us to get involved in #WorldPlantMilkDay, which is taking place on 22 August: http://www.worldplantmilkday.com/ It’s such a great way to get more people interested in drinking plant-based milks, and ultimately reduce the world’s consumption of dairy. So don’t forget to challenge your friends and family to try plant-based milks on August 22nd! Our homemade oat and cashew milk recipes are so easy, delicious and even more creamy than store-bought! You’ll need to buy a muslin (also known as a cheese cloth) if you don’t have one already. You can find them in most DIY stores or you can easily order them online. Enjoy, Roxy & Ben

Happy 2018! The time has come, plant-pushing friends. ?? We’re kicking off January in wicked style with a recipe video every day in partnership with Wicked Healthy! Inspiration, encouragement, and plenty of drool-worthy recipes to come. Join us whether you’re an ol’ vegan pro, just dipping your toes in the veggie kitchen, or veg-curious and want to bring more veg to the centre of your plate. We’re starting it all off with some awesome sauce. Wicked Awesome Cheezy Sauce! Lots more to come! Full recipe post here: http://wickedhealthyfood.com/2018/01/… Wicked Healthy Food website: http://wickedhealthyfood.com/ Instagram: @WickedHealthy Veganuary website: https://veganuary.com/ Instagram: @WeAreVeganuary Video production by: https://www.highway93.com/


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