How One Small Eco Step is a Giant Leap for Sustainability

Being environmentally friendly has gathered pace over the past few decades and is now a case of what you do rather than if you do. In very recent years, the green movement has taken off like never before, with even the language changing. We’ve gone from using the term ‘global warming’ to the more accurate ‘climate change’ to the even more accurate ‘climate crisis’.


But knowing what to do to live a kinder, greener lifestyle is confusing. How much do you have to do? Can you do it all? Can you become a zero waste, plastic free, carbon neutral vegan overnight? Or should we all be happy doing what we can and supporting one another in our eco endeavours?


Each One of Us Can Make a Change


We celebrate anyone taking steps to make a change. Be that carrying a reusable water bottle, eating less meat, using plastic free tea bags, taking the bus rather than the car or using our refill service to fill up on dried foods, shampoo and cleaning products.


Because that’s what being climate aware is all about – taking responsibility for our own carbon footprint and making choices that are sustainable. Each sustainable choice we make adds up, and collectively, we can all make a difference. Your decision to use a bamboo toothbrush means four fewer plastic toothbrushes potentially washing up on beaches around the world each year. Apply that to your whole household and choose plastic free toothpaste, and you can see how your efforts can add up.


Occasionally, I’m witness to people trying to ‘out green’ one another. Criticising someone for going on holiday by aeroplane when they do good by eating a plant based diet or calling someone out because they’re pictured with a single use plastic bottle once, when the rest of their lives are filled with reusable everything. Each time I see it, I feel sad.


Because essentially, we’re all on the same side. We all want a healthy planet for your future and for that of our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other young people. We truly can make a difference. Each one of our decisions has an impact on someone, something or some place in the world. Shouldn’t we all be supporting each other?


Hero, Zero, or Somewhere in Between?


Becoming environmentally friendly is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight, and we all continue to learn. Our choices can influence others too. With Christmas around the corner, think about eco gifts. Reusable coffee cups for the avid, travelling caffeine fan. Or a bamboo cutlery set for someone who always eats on the go. Shampoo bars, fairly traded chocolate and plastic free tea bag gift sets – the possibilities are huge!


Our pop up gift shop is also the perfect place for finding eco gifts and hampers. Full of ethically sourced gifts, we even make sure we use cardboard gift boxes, recyclable packaging and plastic free tape.




We all have an individual responsibility to shop, live and eat ethically where we can. But we also believe in the power of a community coming together to share ideas and in businesses championing local action such as beach cleans and litter picks to lead to global change.


You don’t have to be an earth saving superhero, doing it all. (Although we believe anyone making sustainable choices deserves to wear a cape.) But we do all need to do something. And where better to start, or continue, than by shopping locally and supporting a local small business doing all they can to make being eco friendly less confusing?


For more information on our eco products follow us:https://www.instagram.com/healthylifecouk/

We hope to see you soon!

The Healthy Life Team x

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