How to Have Your Happiest Summer Yet!

Brighter mornings, longer days and balmy evenings – that’s what the UK summer is all about. Assuming the weather plays ball, which on the whole this year it has, the Great British Summer is a time to smile.

Busy lifestyles, rushing from one of the week to the next and trying to keep the kids entertained can however make us forget how fortunate we are to have the summer season to look forward to and enjoy.

So before the days get shorter, the kids are back to school and we all start counting down the shopping days left until Christmas, here’s our tips on enjoying the rest of the summer whilst taking some time to slow down.

  1. Eat healthily – what could be better than enjoying all the fresh summer produce Britain has to offer? Strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers and a cacophony of fresh herbs are all in season right now, and who doesn’t enjoy all that freshness? Choosing locally produced, seasonal produce helps us cut down on our carbon footprint by reducing food miles too. (Plus, strawberries and cucumber are a perfect addition to a happy, summery Pimm’s treat in the garden…)
  2. Drink herbal teas – when it’s hot, hot herbal tea might be the last thing on your mind, but staying hydrated is essential in hot weather. Caffeine free herbal teas are often full of health giving herbs and botanicals too. If hot tea really doesn’t float your boat, why not try the new Cold Brew herbal teas from Teapigs? Add to cold drinking water and off you go!
  3. Practice mindfulness – mindfulness meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged in a state of zen. Being mindful means different things to different people but essentially it means being present in the right here and now. If that means having an indulgent candle lit aromatherapy bath with a glass of wine, then go ahead!
  4. Spend time outdoors – I really can’t express enough how much spending time outside in nature makes me feel happy. I even get up early to have my coffee in the garden before the working day starts. Whatever you can do to get outside more, do it. Walk to the station instead of driving, take a lunchtime stroll, eat dinner outside or exercise in your local park – get outside and enjoy the sense of freedom. If you’re not convinced, listen to the Forest 404 podcast on the BBC Sounds app for a glimpse into a depressing future without nature.
  5. Appreciate what the UK has to offer – the summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches, countryside and open spaces that Britain is so famous for. Pack a picnic, gather everyone together and set off somewhere you’ve never been before. Who knows what you’ll discover!?
  6. Check in on your neighbours – being neighbourly, or kind in any other way, is a sure fire way of spreading the happiness. Popping in to say hi and making sure elderly neighbours in particular are staying cool and hydrated in hot weather can really make someone’s day. If you’re having a BBQ, instead of apologising for your smoke interfering with next doors washing, why not invite them over for a burger or two!?

Here’s hoping for an Indian summer long into September!

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