Items Available for Donation to Ukraine


Here is a list of items that we can purchase on your behalf to be donated to The Emergency Support For Ukrainian Refugees.

Please note you can offer to buy one case or to offer a share in a case, just simply go through the list and email us your choice. Please make sure you put your phone number on the email
We will hold all the product until St Andrews Church in Devizes is ready for it’s next delivery.

Cheeky Panda (Biodegradable) Size 1 Bulk Box of Nappies (contains 6 boxes of 18 nappies / box) £41.94
Cheeky Panda (Biodegradable) Size 2 Bulk Box of Nappies (contains 6 boxes of 17 nappies / box) £41.94
Natracare Nursing Pads x 26 x 12 packs £33
Organic Non-Applicator Tampons Regular x 20 x 12 boxes £30
Organic Baked Beans Case of 12x 400g £12
Organic Chopped Tomatoes Case of 12 x 400g £12
Buckwheat Flakes Org(used for Porridge) Compostable packaging 12 x 350g £27
Organic Red Split Lentils 5 Kilo Bag £13.50
Mixed Beans 12 x 400g £12.00
Tea Tree & Aloe Very Soaps Box of 18 £39
Coconut Hand & Body Lotion 5 Litre £45

*Please note these a special rated items for this cause.
We will change our product mix depending on what is required from the charities.

Please email us on enquiries@thehealthylife.co.uk

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