A restorative day of yoga, self-care and balancing life during the Menopause

Let’s talk Menopause!!

Unicorn House, 2 Watermoor Road, Cirencester, GL7 1JW  Saturday 23rd March 9.30-5pm

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“Even a decade before the menopause you may start to feel its impact” – Red Magazine, March 2019

Join us for an uplifting day at Unicorn House with yoga, nourishing food and warm & informative conversation

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 “Whatever our menopause experiences, sharing them without embarrassment ushers in relief, laughter and lightness …and Kaliyoga is leading the way“ – Georgina Hewes

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A restorative day of yoga, self-care and balancing life during the Menopause

Kaliyoga, discovHer and friends welcome you to an uplifting day of self-care focused on how to restore balance in your life before, during & after the menopause.

 Unicorn House, 2 Watermoor Road, Cirencester, GL7 1JW vicky@kaliyoga.com | www.unicornhouse.co.uk Saturday 23rd March 9.30-5pm £100 discovHer*, Unicorn House & Kaliyoga Members / £120 Non Members

Holly Warren, our yoga teacher for the event

Menopause Event by Kaliyoga & DiscovHer from Kaliyoga.com on Vimeo.

The Food – Elspeth’s Kitchen

Food on the day will be provided by Elspeth’s Kitchen who believe in connecting, inspiring and educating a worldwide community about healthy food. Their vision is to raise consciousness for the health of both individuals and the planet. They really care and their vegan cakes are utterly delicious. Elspeth is now a published author, recipe creator and menu consultant and has recently launched a new brand Get Norty.

The Venue – Unicorn House

We’re very fortunate to have the use of Unicorn House for our event. Occupying a historic property, at the intersection of two Roman roads, Unicorn House offers a quirky, warm and inviting environment.

There is a car park, private garden, dedicated yoga/meditation space and shower rooms. While we’ll be taking the House over for our event, on a normal day, Unicorn House offer hot desks, co-working spaces, private offices and meeting rooms.

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Your day

9:30 Welcome & Juice Shot

10:00 – 11:00am  

  • group 1 – Yoga Session with Holly Warren
  • group 2 – Life & Clarity Coaching Workshop with Gill Kirkham
  • group 3 – Health, Wellness & Diet Talk from Ellie of Elspeth’s Kitchen & Get Norty Puds
  • group 4 – Hair & Skincare Talk from Tabitha James Kraan of Tabitha James Kraan Organic Haircare & Tanya Hawkes from Therapi Honey Skincare.

11:20 – 12:20

All 4 groups rotated (as above but with different people)

12:30 – 1:30pm

Lunch provided by Elspeth’s Kitchen, followed by talk on the benefits of going on a Menopause Retreat, from Jonathan & Rosie Miles, founders of Kaliyoga and Holly Warren, Yoga Teacher and Mentorship Leader at Kaliyoga, with input from previous guests Laura Ludlow, founder of discovHer and Jane Dowling, menopause advocate and founder of Meno&Me.

3:00 – 4pm

All groups rotated, as in morning

4:15 – 5pm

Afternoon tea (with lovely cakes provided by Get Norty)


Depart with goody bag in hand

The Experts

Holly Warren

Holly’s life has always been a journey into movement and stillness. Her childhood was largely dedicated to dance – “I remember wanting to roll, jump and skip though space” – and her early career was as a professional contemporary dancer. Holly’s relationship with yoga has sustained and accompanied her through her dance career, and it led her to teaching breath and meditation workshops throughout Europe. “My work is to guide and support others to feel embodied and to be in the world with courage and warmth”. hollywarrenyoga.com


Tabitha James-Kraan

Tabitha is the organic hair pioneer who has been delivering her brand of conscious hairdressing at her organic hair salon in the Cotswolds since 1999. Tabitha has pioneered a professional, organic hair care range, that is certified by the Soil Association (Cosmos Organic). Her range is now sold in over 25 countries around the world. Tabitha is a public speaker, blogger and influencer in the natural beauty sector and is currently ranked no 13 in the top 25 most influential people in natural beauty. tabithajameskraan.com

Tanya and Esme Hawkes

Therapi uses the skin-loving properties of honey and organic plant extracts to create gentle and effective products that nourish, purify and regenerate the skin naturally. Founded by a mother and daughter, Tanya and Esme Hawkes, (both yogis) the Therapi products work for all skin types and are designed to be kind both to you and the planet. Their award-winning company is based in the Cotswolds and sells through selected spas and green beauty retailers as well as online. therapi.com


Gill Kirkham

Following 20 years of working hard in sales, marketing and events, in 2013 Gill’s life came crashing down in every way possible, around family, finances, home and relationships. Her rebuild became a quest for self-development and spiritual growth. Gill is now a transformational facilitator and space holder, speaking at events where energetic shifts occur in massive proportions. She has expertise in communication and finding absolute clarity in creating connection with self, higher self, relationships and clients. She has simplified her diverse learning and created a practice that focuses on the nurturing and awakening of every aspect of her clients’ lives, helping them to reach the highest expression of themselves. gillkirkham.co.uk

Gill Kirkham
Jane Dowling

Jane Dowling

Jane has over 20 years’ experience in creating personally tailored training and health solutions. Inspired by her own menopause experiences she founded MENO&ME which offers evidence based exercise, diet and but more importantly lifestyle advice on how to find their fabulous again through menopause and beyond! Jane is a clinical exercise specialist with extensive experience in dealing with a variety of people, including older adults suffering from heart disease and osteoporosis. This ignited a passion to help educate younger women on how to take preventative measures towards improving their overall health. www.menoandme.com

Laura Ludlow

In 2006 Laura was self-employed and filled with ideas and hope for her new project. A few years in she found herself facing the pressure and self-doubt so many people encounter when running a business on their own. Laura reached out to a handful of people in similar situations and soon realised she wasn’t alone. It dawned on her how much she enjoyed working with people – hearing their stories, sharing with them and bringing them together. She soon decided to take a leap and launched discovHer, a community of women who support, encourage and grow with one another. (DiscoveHer now boasts a membership base of dynamic and accomplished women representing diverse industries such business services, retail, literary, professional services, training & coaching and more. discovher.co.uk

Laura Ludlow
Rosie & Jonji

Rosie & Jonji Miles

In 2002, founders Rosie and Jonji Miles travelled to Spain in search of a beautiful location their first yoga retreat They fell in love with the Alpujarra region. The climate and picturesque mountain views provided an ideal atmosphere for experiencing ‘sat cit ananda’ – truth wisdom love. A few years ago Rosie sensed a need for a retreat focused on supporting women going through the emotional and physical changes brought about by the menopause. What started as a single specialsed retreat annually has expanded to four retreats. kaliyoga.com

DiscovHer Women


discovHer is about women, their creativity, diversity & their ability to support & encourage.

Are you taking the leap back to work after a career break? Or thinking of expanding your table-top business? Whatever stage you are at in your career, discovHer is here to offer you the resources, support and reassurance you need to grow.

discovHer is an exciting new space for women at different stages of their careers who are looking to expand their horizons within a supporting and encouraging community.

They are a child-neutral, non judgemental, inclusive space, where you can come and connect with others, share your experiences, learn and flourish. We all want to make the most of ourselves in business, and discovHer truly believe that we are stronger together.


Kaliyoga were listed in the Guardian in Jan 2019 as one of the “top 10 life changing retreats worldwide”. We offer a variety of six night yoga and wellness retreats throughout the year from our permanent sites in Andalucia, Spain and Puglia, Italy.

Our mission is provide the most loving yoga teachers, the most intuitive therapists, the most nutritious food and the most open hearted staff.

Spain Meno

Our Menopause Retreats in southern Spain provide natural solutions to the physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause. Hormones play such a vital role in our health and these weeks will give you the tools to adapt with skill and understanding.

Kaliyoga founders Rosie and Jonji Miles will be hosting you on the day at Unicorn House and happy to answer any questions you might have about our Menopause Retreats.

Jane Pool

We hope you join us! 

There’s an explosion of information being produced currently on the menopause. Women are beginning to search, to open up and ask questions, without embarrassment or shame. It is our collaboration, sharing, learning and open discussion that will turn the word menopause from “taboo” to “topical” and (even “trendy”!) We think the time has come to talk (and laugh!) about the menopause. We hope you think so too!!

What: Kaliyoga, discovHer and friends welcome you to an uplifting day of self-care focused on how to restore balance in your life before, during and after the menopause.

Where: Unicorn House, 2 Watermoor Road, Cirencester, GL7 1JW. www.unicornhouse.co.uk

When: Saturday 23rd March 9.30-5pm Price: £100 discovHer, Unicorn House and Kaliyoga Members / £120 Non Members

Don’t hesitate to contact vicky@kaliyoga.com with any questions. We hope to see you soon!

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