Coffee Tasting Workshop Thursday 13th Feb with Phill Buckley Dusty Ape Roasters

We are proud to announce some fabulous workshops starting with…Coffee tasting with Phil the founder of Dusty Ape Coffee.

Dusty Ape Coffee Roasters present an introduction into specialty coffee with tasting at The Healthy Life, Devizes.
Phil, Dusty Ape’s founder, with over 9 years roasting experience, and the team will introduce you to the world of speciality coffee. Origins, processing methods, roasting and just how much care and attention goes into your coffee.
You will then have the chance to taste three different Dusty Ape speciality coffees, brewed using the AeroPress.
We discuss where these flavours come from, how to identify them and find out which your favourite is.
During this time will be given an overview as to how to use the AeroPress for a consistently great cup of Dusty Ape at home.
We then have a Q&A where you can ask the experts all of your speciality coffee questions.
Remember to bring your refill containers as you will be able to purchase your new favourite coffees from The Healthy Life’s zero waste shelves! Both the Aeropress Original and the NEW Aeropress Go will be available to purchase on the day.
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