Lockdown who would have thought it? – We are Open

Lockdown who would have thought it?

How are you all doing? It’s a strange and surreal time and we hope that you are all ok?
There have been a few changes here. Just before the Lockdown Marion went into Isolation for a minor health issue and Alex because she lives with a vulnerable parent. I thought I was going to be on my own for a moment, then Evie who used to work here and Janis a friend appeared. We have had lots of offers of help and for this we are grateful.
As health stores we have been specifically asked to stay open by the government and we will for as long as we can but on reduced hours.
We have written a short poll, it will take you about 10 seconds to do.
Please click on the picture and choose your opening times. 
Today we are open from 9 – 5 then over the week we will adjust our opening times accordingly.

The online orders are working really well, albeit taking 3 -4 more days than normal. If you can’t come down to the store this really is the best way to place your orders. You won’t find suppliers like Solgar, Viridian and Dr Hauschka on there but you will find most other suppliers. We know that some of you are not computer savvy, please don’t worry just drop us an email or call and leave a message with your order. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Email: enquiries@thehealthylife.co.uk. Tel: 01380 725558

We have put in stringent measures in the shop to keep both staff and customers as safe as possible. This includes keeping at a 2 meter distance, not having more than 2 people in the shop at any one time.
We have also now made the decision to no longer fill your food containers, but we have a big stock of paper bags for your dry goods, so we will switch to this method for the short term. We are still trying to work out what to do with the liquid refills, please please do wash your bottle with warm soapy water before brining in.

Most of the essential stock items like Pasta, Rice, Red Lentils and possibly Flour / yeast should be in later today.

We know there are lots of mothers out there who are worried about feeding their children So, if you have any easy not expensive recipes that will feed an army please do let us know and we will pass these on.
Let us know how you are all doing, lots of love from us all, we will be in touch shortly.
Justina and The Healthy Life Team xx

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