New Suppliers The Bakers Wolf Sourdough Starters …..April at The Healthy Life

The Bakers Wolf came from a love of baking bread. Jack started in March 2020 with the idea of just sharing what I was making. As I couldn’t find any yeast to bake with, I had to find other methods hence why I started making my own sourdough starters.

Jack has worked in hospitality for over 10 years. Working in everything from high street bars/restaurants to boutique hotels and backpacker hostels, predominantly in management for the past 7 years.

 We currently have two products available for order at The Healthy Life


Our live sourdough starter called ymir (named after the first norse god) – comes in a 300ml jar with enough starter to make at least one loave of bread (unlike most starts for sale).

If properly looked after the starter can live for over 100 years. (Jack’s seen some starters that are over 400 years old)

 To look after it:

 If left on worktop or in a cupboard It will need feeding once a day 50g flour and 50ml of water.

 It can also be put in the fridge and fed once a week, it will need taking out of the fridge the day before you intend to bake and will need to be fed.

To Purchase this product £7 ➡️  enquiries@thehealthylife.co.uk

Our second product is our dried starter, and now comes in the same size jar as our main starter.

The dried start will last about 3 months without being activated.

To activate and care for: To activate the starter flakes simply add 50g of flour and 40ml of tepid water and mix to form wet dough/paste. After that the same instructions for our main starter can be followed.

To Purchase this product £5 ➡️  enquiries@thehealthylife.co.uk

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