Non Plastic Beach

Non Plastic Beach are a down to earth company that have the quality of our beaches and oceans at heart. It was a company we were keen to stock at The Healthy Life shop as they are local being based in Oxfordshire. They are a fabulous example of how local action can have a global impact. It was started by a couple who scuba dived in many beautiful places around the world and were seeing first hand the plastic pollution that has become a planetary emergency. They started their own company that sells the sustainable products that they have personally tried and tested.

The key to the approach of Non Plastic Beach is that they felt that ‘a lot of people removing one item from their lives will have a bigger impact than a few people eliminating every single bit’. They are sharing their zero waste journey and welcome you to start your own by making one simple switch from plastic.

The Frankenstein of the natural world…
More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year and it is our attitude to plastic which is the culprit. The aim of the inventor of the plastic bag back in 1959 was to lower the impact on the planet with fewer trees being chopped down. The plastic was not invented as a single use commodity, but it has become one. The plastic bag has become the Frankenstein of the natural world and its’ creator would have been horrified. Whether it is single use plastic bags, flushing wipes down the toilet or shipping our waste across the world it has come back to haunt us.

Looking for inspiration for action?
Plastic Oceans UK aim to stop plastic reaching the oceans in a generation. They are a company that work with schools, businesses, scientists and policy-makers to change attitudes and behaviours towards plastic. On their website they also provide a wealth of advice and simple steps that you can take. plasticoceans.uk/

Here at The Healthy Life Store we have committed to donating £50 to Plastic Ocean UK for every month we have 50 liquid refills. Whichever switch you make or plastic reduction step you take, be part of the revolution!

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