Our Climate in Hot Water: How your cuppa can support positive change

It’s turning chilly and whilst you warm your hands on your coffee cup it’s worth contemplating how your choice of coffee brand can have a profound impact on the climate.

We want to shout about Source Climate Change Coffee who are both coffee connoisseurs and conservation champions. Their mission is to bring us the finest tasting organic and speciality coffees from around the world, produced by growers committed to reforestation and conservation. This is because the single most effective way to combat climate change is to plant more trees and protect standing forests.

We are talking about a coffee that is multitasking on many fronts, while we get to sip the gourmet end result. Cristina Talens, the Founder and Director, has researched and implemented; taste, conservation, ethical trading, and biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Source Climate Change Coffee reward their coffee farmers environmental stewardship by buying their carbon credits. This is used to finance local conservation projects. The company grows coffee in ecological hotspots in Mexico, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

The world needs to wake up and smell the coffee if we are going to address the climate emergency. As a consumer we have the power to vote for ethically and ecologically sound products.

We can then sit back and quietly enjoy our Source coffee for five minutes in peace – and at peace – with the world. All the very best The Healthy Life Team 

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