Putting plant milk in your cuppa

Seeing your plant milk curdle when you make a cup of tea or coffee? Gross! It’s probably because the acidity and heat of your drink is reacting badly with the milk. ?

Try this instead…

  1. Let the tea or coffee cool down a little before you mix it with the milk.
  2. Heat up the milk to about 40℃ too.
  3. Pour the tea or coffee over the milk (rather than the other way around) and do it slowly.
  4. Try using a less acidic brew. Some tea brands have started producing tea-bags specifically for vegan milks.


There are loads of different plant milks out there, made with nuts, soya, oats and more. Different brands will have a different ratio of plant to water too. Then you’ll find sweetened versions and unsweetened versions. Lots of vegans swear by long life, unsweetened milk in their hot drinks and something else entirely on cereal.

We encourage you to experiment. Finding new things you love is one of the most fun things about changing your diet! For more advice, check out our article by Veganuary ‘What plant milk should I put in my tea?’ blog.

If you don’t like the first couple of plant milks you try, don’t let them put you off – keep going until you find the one(s) for you.

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