Refill Update –

Our Refill section has the following products:
Christmas Cake Kits
Christmas Pudding Kits

Porridge Oats
Jumbo Oats
Super Deluxe Muesli with Nut
Granola S/Free
Muesli G/F
Quinoa White
Cous Cous
Giant Cous Cous
White Basmati Rice 
Basmati Rice Brown
Long Grain Brown Rice
Short Grain Brown Rice
Jasmine Rice
Aborio Rice
Orzo Pasta
Brown Rice Penne G/F
Corn Fusilli G/F
Pop Corn
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkins Seeds
Linseed Brown
Golden Linseed
Omega Seed Mix
Red Split Lentils
Dark Specled Lentils (PUY)
Chia Seeds
Almonds Whole
Almonds Blanched
Almonds Ground
Walnut Pieces
Cashew Nuts
Cashews Roasted & Saleted
Mixed Nuts
Roasted Peanuts no salt
Roasted Hazelnuts
White Penne
Tricolour Penne
Wholewheat Fusilli
Coffee Beans Molten Toffee
Coffee Beans Silver Back
Coffee Beans Decaf
Organic Coffee Beans
Pitted Prunes 
Baby Figs
Unsulphered Apricots
Medium Whole Apricots
Pitted Dates
Goji berries
Papaya Diced
Sliced Coconut
Diced Mango
Glace cherries Red
Glace Cherries Natural
Candied Peel Lemon
Candied Peel Orange
Mixed Peel
Sultanas – Australian
Raisins Seedless Turkish
Apple Rings
Cacao Nibs
Milk Choc Raisins
Milk Choc & Yoghurt Haneycomb
Jelly Beans G/F D/F
Fizzy Mix- assorted
Jelly Babies
Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
Chocolate Fudge – Vegan
Vanilla Fudge – Vegan
Salted Caramel -VEGAN
Assam Melody Meleng Estat
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Masala Chai
Gunpowder Green Tea
Decaf Earl Grey Refill
Decaf Black Tea (Ceylon)
Sencha Overture
Moroccan Mint (Casablaanca Twist)
Lapsang Souchong
Bicarbonate of Sod
Citric Acid

White Vinegar
Soap Faith In Natur
Multi Surface/All Purpose
Floor Soap
Hand Wash A/TT
Bathroom Cleaner -Refill
Hand Wash (AllTypes)
Window & Glass
Washing Up Liquid
Laundry Liquid (lavender)
Laundry Liquid (la
Fabric Softner
All Purpose Cleaner /Sanitiser
Multi Surface Sanitiser (Concentrate)
Toilet Cleaner
Washing Powder
Hand Sanitiser
Magnesium Flakes
Epsom Salts
Dead Sea Salt
Rapeseed Oi
Org Cider Vinegar (with mother)
Sunflower Oil
Olive Oil (20litres = 16 kilos)
SosMix (sausage Mix
Peanut Butter
Org Self Raising White Flour
Plain White Flour
Wholemeal Bread Flour ORG (Doves)
White Bread Flour Org (Doves)
G/F Plain White Flour
Yeast Flakes & B12 Engevita
Moscavado Sugar
Dark soft  Unrefined Sugar
Light Soft Brown Unrefined Sugar
Molasses (Black Treacle)
Herbs & Spices – Not Available Click & Collect yet.
Star Anise
Bay Leaf
Cardamon Ground
Cardamon Pods
Coriander Ground
Corriander Seed
Caraway Seed
Celery Seed
Celery Salt
Cloves Ground
Cumin Seeds
Cumin Ground
Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon Ground (True Zeylon)
Curry Powder – Mild
Curry Powder- Medium
Curry Powder – ORG
Chilli Flakes
Chilli Powder
Chinese Five Spice
Cloves Whole
Fenugreek Ground
Fenugreek Whole
Garlic Powder
Garam Masala
Ginger Ground
Herbs Provensale
Herbs Mixed
Juniper Berries
Liquorice Root
Mustard Seed Black
Mustard Seed White
Mixed Spice Ground
Mulled Wine Spice MiX
Nutmegs Whole
Nutmegs Ground ORG
Onion Seed Black /Nigella
Psyllium Husk
Paprika Smoked
Paprika Sweet
Pepper mix x 5
Peppercorns -White
Peppercorns Black Cracked
Pink Peppercorns
Pickling Spice
Poppy Seeds Blue
Rose Petals
Tumeric Organic
Slippery Elm
Himalayan Salt- Fin
Himalayan Salt- Coarse

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