Refill Your Own Containers to Your Heart’s Content this Waste Free February!

It’s hard to escape the harsh reality of the problem of plastic waste. Whether we choose to ignore the matter or not, it’s there in plain sight for us all to see.
We only need to walk along a beach to see washed up plastic containers and bottles, or wander through the countryside to see deflated helium balloons with their plastic coated ribbons trailing sadly from trees to witness the truth about plastic – it will never truly disappear.

Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere
The problem is, plastic will never completely break down. It simply breaks up, into smaller and smaller pieces, forming microplastics, some so small they’re invisible to the naked eye. Plastics and microplastics inevitably make their way into landfill or the oceans.
In landfill, they leach toxic chemicals into the ground, which eventually leak into the waterways in a horrendous waste liquid called leachate. In the oceans, they simply become food for poor, unsuspecting sea creatures including fish, birds and large marine mammals who mistake it for something much more tasty. It gets trapped in their stomachs or gullets, ultimately leading to their early death, either by starvation, poisoning, blood loss or asphyxiation.
Even if we send plastics for recycling, the energy used and carbon emitted is still bad (just not as bad) news for the environment.

The Price we Pay for Convenience
There’s no getting around it – single-use plastics are a menace to the planet we all live on. And we’re all responsible. For the most part, single-use plastics are completely unnecessary.
We can all do our bit. We can all carry reusable coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery and shopping bags. But it’s also up to manufacturers, brands and retailers to do their bit too.
Which is why we’re saying a bit firm NO to single-use plastics in our shop.
And it’s why we’re excited to announce our new refill service!

Paying For What You Need…
We’re fully embracing Waste Free February, by launching this service which allows our beautiful customers the chance to buy a range of household goods and dried foods without the plastic packaging.
Anyone can come along with their own container, be that a glass jar, paper bag, metal lunch tin or plastic tub (as long as its not single-use) and fill up as little or as much as they like. We’ll then charge by the weight, minus your container weight of course.

At the moment we have a refill station for cleaning cupboard essentials such as washing up liquid, fabric softener, laundry liquid and are now introducing toilet cleaner, multipurpose household cleaners and hand soap. Food-wise, we have seeds, nuts, dried fruit, flour and porridge oats all available.
And that’s just the beginning. We intend to add to the service throughout the year.

…And Not Making the Environment Pay the Price
Single-use was named the Word of the Year 2018 – and for good reason. As the word becomes part of our every day language, we all need to realise the impact we, and our choices, are all having on the environment, both for now and for our future generations.
We can’t wait to invite you in to use our plastic free refill service. You can start February the way you mean to carry on – waste free!
Now, doesn’t that feel virtuous?

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