Simple New Year Resolutions for Staying Healthy in 2019

Simple New Year Resolutions for Staying Healthy in 2019

A shiny new year often brings with it, shiny new optimism and hope for a good 12 months ahead. New Year Resolutions play a large part – we pledge to give up this and start that, full of good intentions. But for so many of us, these pledges end up haunting us, as we reach the second week of January feeling like a failure for not doing whatever it was we said we would.

The thing is, so many of us just set our aims too high. Why did we say we’d commit to a run every single day, when we knew that snow was forecast and we can’t stand running? Why did we aim to quit smoking, drinking, meat and dairy, all at the same time?

The common theme amongst most New Year Resolutions is to be healthier. So how can we do that, feel proud of ourselves and stick to our goals?

Here’s some simple ways to ease yourself into the ‘new year, new you’ that are much simpler to stick to.

Set Achievable Goals

Setting smaller goals is more sensible, and achievable, than going all out, all at once. Little baby steps, until we get where we want to be is much easier to stick to, and has much more chance of being successful in the long run.

Rather than running a marathon in April, aim for a 5km. Or work towards losing a stone by the spring, rather than by the end of January.

If you want to go vegetarian or vegan, then try doing it once or twice a week to begin with. Start small, and build up.

We’re much less likely to fail or drop to our knees with exhaustion if we make things realistic.

Make Accountability Your Best Friend

Nothing makes us more determined to reach our goals than telling someone what our goals are. Telling loved ones that you’re planning to learn how to run/lose weight/practice mindfulness/give up chocolate might feel scary – but carefully chosen loved ones don’t judge. You might be surprised by how much support you get, too.

We don’t recommend going public on social media unless you’re exceptionally brave. Facebook et al can be dangerous places if you’re already feeling vulnerable. But by all means, celebrate your achievements each time you reach a goal – you thoroughly deserve it!

Be kind to Yourself

This is the most important step. Being gentle with yourself is crucial if you want to make changes. No one is a robot, who can switch off cravings, or suddenly become an athlete. We’re all human, and can all only do our best.

If you haven’t done what you set out to do, celebrate what you have done. If you find that after a week full of healthy foods, you’re craving a treat at the weekend, then go for it! Be proud of your successes, don’t fall into the trap of just berating yourself for your ‘failures’.

Being gentle is a sure-fire way of gearing yourself up for the next goal too, so it’s a win win all round.

Here’s to healthy and happy 2019. Lots of love and best wishes, the team at Your Healthy Life Shop.

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