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Sustainable Devizes….

Following on from the updating of our Local Food Directory we have been looking at other ways to further local food production.  The Incredible Edible Network started in Todmorden, Yorkshire, with a small group who started planting vegetables around the town allowing anyone who wanted to harvest the produce.  We have started to investigate how to introduce Incredible Edible in Devizes.

Early in the mornings a guerilla gardener has been sneaking up on an unloved raised bed in New Park St, banishing the weeds and digging in manure and compost.  This work has not gone unnoticed.  An unknown accomplice has been removing the weeds from the pavement surrounding the bed.   The bed has been transformed into a vegetable plot with lettuce, cabbages, runner beans and sunflowers.  Every other day the crops are watered and the persistent bind weed eliminated.  It will not be long before the crops are ready for harvesting.

We are aiming to start vegetable plots like these all over town once social distancing restrictions allow.  We have already approached some of the churches to ask permission to plant in the church yards.  The initial response has been positive.  What is really needed is a gang of enthusiastic volunteers to start off the planting and then nurture the crops. 

To get involved email John Schofield or Graham Martin

To learn more about Sustainable Devizes https://www.sustainabledevizes.org.uk/

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Devizes – Incredible Edible

  1. Jenny says:

    Such a brilliant innovative website, love the incredible edible. Love the shop and the energy. Distancing made easy, feels so safe. Soon be time for another visit!

  2. SkyDiveHawk66 says:

    The Guerrilla gardener of New Park Street, what a inspiring story, about someone who cares about freshly grown produce. Top marks mystery person.

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