We are working with OneTribe to Improve the carbon footprint of our business and grow more sustainably.

Helping our business and our customers take climate action by protecting trees in the rainforest with every sale.

“We are on a mission to improve the carbon footprint of all online purchases by protecting billions of trees that help remove and store CO2 from our atmosphere.Adopting a path to Net Zero is critical to reducing global warming and staying below 1.5 degrees to protect our planet.Working together as One Tribe we can use business as a force for good and empower millions of people to buy more sustainably.”One Tribe enables businesses to be more sustainable by funding rainforest protection projects that store carbon from being released into the atmosphere. By enabling customers to protect rainforest when they shop online we also empowers consumers to drive positive change.The Healthy Life is working with OneTribe to protect trees and who work with Tribe Elders to look after valuable land and resources.With every purchase you make on our website we secure on your behalf 5 trees. We’ve been testing this out on the website and in 2 weeks 54.037 Tonnes Of CO₂ has been Removed- the equivalent of 32 cards off the road. It’s a small start and soon you’ll see our calculator on the website. We hope to get this up to as many acres as possible by the end of the year.“Saving our planet is within reach, we have worked out all the problems, we are working on all the solutions, most of them we can do now, and, over time, all of them help the economy.We have a plan, we know what to do. There is a path to sustainability.”Sir David Attenborough Natural HistorianTo learn more about OneTribe

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